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BAFTA Shorts in Hull


Sep 30th, Union Mash Up, Hull, Pay What You Decide

We’re working in partnership with Hull Independent Cinema to bring the best short films to Hull every month. In September we’re bringing you the marvellous BAFTA shorts.

The British Academy of Film and Television Awards (BAFTA) celebrated and awarded the very best of British filmmaking just two weeks before the Oscars Ceremony 2015. And the crème de la crème of Best British short films are no less ingenious and exciting than their feature length siblings.

If you are intrigued about the short films that competed, come and join us for a feature-length package of shorts that were nominated. The winners have already been announced but we can still make up our own mind, can’t we?

Films in the programme:

Emotional Fusebox (Rachel Tunnard, 2014, 14 mins)
My Dad (Marcus Armitage, 2014, 6 mins)
Slap (Nick Rowland, 2014, 25 mins)
Three Brothers (Aleem Khan, 2014, 17 mins)
The Bigger Picture (Daisy Jacobs, 2014, 8 mins) – BAFTA Winner, Best Short Animation
The Kármán Line (Oscar Sharp, 2014, 24 mins)
Monkey Love Experiments (Ainslie Henderson, Will Anderson, 2014, 9 mins)
Boogaloo and Graham (Michael Lennox, 2014, 14 mins) – BAFTA Winner, Best Short Film

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