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The Film That Buys The Cinema

cube-70-burning-film26th May, 6.40pm at the Hyde Park Picture House

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The Film That Buys the Cinema was born out of a very pressing concern: to secure the future of the Cube Microplex, a 108 seat, completely independent Cinema in Bristol. 70 artists have donated 70 one-minute takes, to be sequenced together into a single feature Film. The FTBTC is a 70-minute film comprised of one-minute takes, each one shot by contributors who have passed through the Cube: filmmakers, musicians, poets, amateurs, wrestlers, radicals and activist groups. From the wilfully obscure to the cult, the pop spectrum to the outer limits, from scientists to skaters, a series of bumper-to-bumper takes on life’s rich pageant. Each minute has been sequenced together into a labyrinthine journey of light and sound capturing the essence of our deeply loved, independent social cinema; an artistic time capsule and an extraordinary rendition of what the Cube is all about.

The filmmakers include: Ben Rivers, Jem Cohen, Emma Hedditch, Nicolas Roeg, Peter Strickland, Steven Eastwood, Jandek, Craig Baldwin, Beardyman, Mark Cousins, Stewart Home, Tony Grisoni,Andrew Kötting, Bill Morrison, Tim Plester, Portishead, Dudley Sutton, Jack Stevenson,Andrea Luka Zimmerman, and Jennet Thomas.

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