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Halloween Horror Shorts in Hull

chernokids (2)

Oct 28th, Union Mash Up, Hull, Pay What You Decide, Cert. 15

We’re working in partnership with Hull Independent Cinema to bring the best short films to Hull every month. In the run up to Halloween we’re screening the best horror shorts from London International Animation Festival.

We could have gone for cheap thrills and the sudden shock. But we want something more valuable than your nervous laughter. We want you to leave a small part of your soul behind in this cinema. We want you to leave having felt The Horror.

Films in the Programme:

The Cat With Hands (Dir. Robert Morgan, UK, 2001)

Son of Satan (Dir. J.J. Villard, USA, 2005)

Blanche Fraise (Dir. Frederick Tremblay, Canada, 2011)

Face (Dir. Hendrick Dusollier, France, 2007)

Lonely Bones (Dir. Rosto, France, 2012)

The Smaller Room (Dir. Nina Wehrle & Cristobal Leon, Switzerland, 2009)

The Backwater Gospel (Dir. Bo Mathorne, Denmark, 2011)

Chernokids (Dir. Marion Petegnief & Matthieu Bernadat, France, 2010)

The Wake (Dir. Pieter Coudyzer, Belgium, 2013)

Dad’s Dead (Dir. Chris Shepherd, UK, 2002)



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