In addition to the virtual GIANT JURY where you get to watch all the feature films in Leeds Young Film Festival competition for free and decide on the winner, we are also running the short film competition again this year and invite you to be part of the Young Short Film Jury. As a member of the jury you will watch all the short films in competition on the Leeds Film Player and pick your favourites from a mixture of live action and animated films.

While we can't meet in person this year, we will still be providing you with all the info you need to be a skilled film criticWe want YOUR opinions and there is no right or wrong answers, we just want to hear what you think!

The Young Short Film Jury has two programmes with 19 short films in total: 9 live action and 10 animated films. You will be able to access all the films on Leeds Film Player. from Saturday 10 April.

You will need to choose one winner from EACH programme, Live Action and Animation. You will need to fill in This Form and return it by Friday 30 April. The winning films will be announced on Wednesday 5 May.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us via email

To whet your appetite, here are a taster of some of the fantastic short films included in this year's competitions:

Colza | France | 2020 | Animation | 05:20 

A young lizard named Clarence steals a precious plane while the whole village is distracted by the greatest concert it has ever seen.

Still image from Colza

Just an Ordinary Day| Croatia | 2019 | Animation | 02:39
A Tale of life by the sea, underwater life and life on a surface.

Still image from Just an Ordinary Day


DOLIUM PÉPLUM | France | 2020 | Live Action | 09:00
Playing triggers imagination and it has no limits, it is gigantic and supernatural and suddenly everything becomes possible.

Still from Dolium Peplum

The Snow Maze | United Kingdom | 2019 | Live Action | 10:56 
10-year-old Adam is an isolated boy tormented by the school bully, until the arrival of a new girl and the discovery of an old key changes everything.

Still from The Snow Maze