Film Hub North with BFI NETWORK present a series of screenings, talks and socials for filmmakers at LIFF 2021



The full programme of events takes place online, is open to filmmakers from across the North of England, and every session is free to attend.

On Monday 15 November Film Hub North is focusing on short form filmmaking with a series of filmmaker roundtables, a panel discussion on how to set up a production company, and a showcase of work we’ve supported recently.

On 16 November, we turn our attention to features with a discussion on micro-budget, maximum impact work, a discussion about funding feature development, and an industry mixer bringing together Northern based Writers and UK Producers.

More information and sign-up links for each of the sessions can be found below.

15 November - Shorts Focus


10:00-11:00 & 12:00-13:00 BFI NETWORK Filmmaker Roundtables

Do you have an amazing script or idea for a short film? BFI NETWORK support early career writers, directors and producers with funding for short film production. Join BFI NETWORK Talent Executives at a roundtable to find out more about the fund, how to make a strong application and how BFI Network can support you to develop your work. This session is open to writers, directors and producers based in England.

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14:00-15:00 Script to Screen: Setting up an Indie Production Company

Do you want to know how to jump from freelancer to creating a start-up indie film production company? When is the right time and what funds are out there to support you? This webinar will demystify the business of setting up a production company and give you the opportunity to hear from a panel of experienced indie production companies as they discuss the challenges of running a small indie in the North. The panel will feature Jenny Monks (Pencil Trick), Andy Dorée (Hell Fire TV), Rebecca Mark Lawson (Tyke Films) Hosted by Rachel Robey (Wellington Films).

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19:00-20:00 BFI NETWORK Showcase Q&A

Watch a specially selected showcase of short films supported by the BFI NETWORK Short Film Fund on Leeds Film Player from 11-18 November. On Monday, 15 November, we’ll be chatting with some of the talent behind these shorts and finding out what it took to realise their ideas on screen.

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16 November - Features Focus

10:00-13:00 BFI NETWORK Filmmaker Surgeries: Early Feature Film Development.

(This is now fully booked)

Filmmakers based in the North of England can book a 30min, 1-2-1 meeting with a BFI NETWORK Talent Executive to discuss their early-stage feature film ideas. Projects must be at pre-script stage. The Talent Executive will talk about your project and how our talent development programmes and funding can help advance your idea.



14:00-15:00 Script to Screen: Making a micro-budget debut feature

With iFeatures on hiatus and limited public funds available, how can indie filmmakers finance their debut micro-budget features? In this session, we’ll talk to teams who have made features outside of the system, asking how they did it and how filmmakers can find finance and an audience outside of usual routes. Featuring Doug Cox (Producer, Host) and Aki Omoshaybi (Writer-Director, Real), hosted by Helen Simmons (Erebus Pictures).

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16:00-17:00 Script to Screen: Funding Feature Development

Everyone talks about wanting the next bold, original ‘voice,’ but what does that actually mean? How do you know when you are ready? And how do you stand out when pitching your debut feature? We talk to BBC Films, Film4, BFI and First Flights to find out what the UK’s funders are looking for. Hosted by Samm Haillay.

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18:30-20:30 BFI NETWORK Feature Mixer

The BFI NETWORK Feature Mixer at LIFF 2021 is aimed at Northern based writers and writer-directors who are developing their debut feature projects and have yet to find a producer. This informal online meet up will be an opportunity for Northern talent to meet producers from the LIFF programme and beyond with a view to forging new connections and collaborations. The BFI NETWORK team will also be in attendance to keep things moving; we'll make introductions and keep you up to date with our latest funding and talent development opportunities. Writers and Directors must be based in the North of England and actively working towards their first feature. Producers can be based anywhere in the UK and should have a minimum of two producing credits.

Apply for a spot at the mixer here.