The following features and shorts programmes will be available with SDH - subtitles for the D/deaf and people experiencing hearing loss

Aftersun (8.15pm screening on 17 Nov)

Alcarràs (all screenings except at Cottage Road)

Black Sun (screening on 9 Nov)

The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic (screening on 9 Nov)

A Bunch of Amateurs (screenings on 9 and 10 Nov)

Close (all screenings except at Cottage Road)

Eat Your Catfish (all screenings)

Face of our Fear

Ganja & Hess (all screenings)

Hello, Bookstore (all screenings)

I Didn’t See You There (all screenings)

Living (6.30pm screening on 3 Nov)

Mafifa (all screenings)

Medusa Deluxe (all screenings)

Queer Short Film Competition 1

Queer Short Film Competition 2

Return to Dust (all screenings)



The following features will be available with AD - an audio-description soundtrack for customers who are blind or partially sighted (headsets will be provided)

Black Sun (screening on 9 Nov)

The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic (screening on 9 Nov)

Living (6.30pm on 3 Nov)

The following screenings will be relaxed for those in the neurodiverse community, their assistants and carers

Art and Neurodiversity with Project Artworks

The Star Wars Kid (12:30pm on 8 Nov)

Our relaxed screenings are designed to benefit our customers with additional needs (such as people living with autism, or other neuro-diverse people and their personal assistants, friends and family) or anyone who wants to enjoy a film in a more relaxed, spacious environment. Everyone is welcome.

Here's what you can expect at a Relaxed Screening:

  • The cinema doors will open 20 minutes before the screening start time.
  • We won't show any trailers or adverts and the film will start promptly at its advertised start time.
  • The lights will be up a little.
  • The sound will be down a little.
  • You are welcome to move around the cinema, to talk and make noise, and to exit and enter the cinema as you please.
  • There will be lots of space in the cinema so you can spread out or lie down if you choose.
  • We will screen films with Descriptive Subtitles whenever they are available.
  • Our staff will be around to help with whatever you need.