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London International Animation Festival


23rd January 12.00 PM, Hyde Park Picture House

There’ll be talking animals, seriously fun adventures and tales that spark all those little imaginations. Adults are allowed in if they have permission from their kids.

Animation is the most imaginative and engaging of all art forms and is the perfect platform to enthral and inspire the wide-open imaginations of kids. This programme – carefully selected with our youngest audience in mind – is always popular – and not a toy ad in sight.

Simon’s Cat: Pizzacat (2015), 1’50
A hungry cat gets the last slice.

Perfect Houseguest (2015), 1’35
A house is visited by a clean, organised and well-mannered guest.

Rita and Crocodile – Fishing (2014) , 5’00
Rita and Crocodile are going fishing and Rita lectures Crocodile on how to fish.

Submarine Sandwich (2014), 2’00
The first step to a delicious sandwich is slicing the meat.

With Different Eyes (2015), 4’10
A trip around the world on a wooden train set.

Boom Boom The Fishermans Daughter(2013), 8’25
A lonely fisherman with a long nose befriends an orphaned baby elephant who believes that the man is its mother.

A Single Life (2014), 2’20
A life can be lived, measured and manipulated in so many different ways but beware the cracks and the sudden endings.

Simon’s Cat: Box Clever (2015), 2’10
A feisty cat does all he can to avid a trip to the vet.

Airmail (2014), 6’10
A fish, a cat, a wrestler and the woman who would save them all. Unusual ingredients for an unlikely long distance love affair.

Taipei Recyclers (2014), 7’00
A riot of sound and colour using trash collected from the streets of Taipei.

Very Lonely Cock (2015), 6’00
It’s a hard day for the very lonely cock. Perhaps tomorrow it’ll be better. Who knows? Anyway, it can’t get any worse. Or can it?

Rita and Crocodile – Forest (2014), 5’00
It’s autumn and Rita and Crocodile go to collect conkers in the forest.

Sweet Dreams (2015), 11’45
A coincidental meeting of a house hamster and a pair of squirrels.

Simon’s Cat: Pug Life (2015), 2’05
A frustrated cat receives help from an unexpected visitor.



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