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Leeds International Film Festival Submissions

New LIFF28 Audience favourites – The Possibilities are Endless + Poverty Inc

The latest count of the top 20 in the LIFF28 Audience Award for Best Film can be revealed with The Possibilities are Endless very close to being in joint 1st place with What We Do in the Shadows and new entries including Poverty Inc VesselNo One’s ChildRurouni Kenshi: Kyoto InfernoDrew: The Man Behind the Poster and To Hell With Culture.

1. What We Do in the Shadows
2. The Possibilities are Endless
3. The Imitation Game
4. Giovanni’s Island 
5. Brasil Bam Bam Bam
6. Testament of Youth
7. Poverty Inc 
8. Vessel
9. No One’s Child
10. Rurouni Kenshi: Kyoto Inferno
11. The House at the End of Time
12. Concerning Violence
13. Drew: The Man Behind the Poster
14. Creator of the Jungle
15. Bjork’s Biophilia Live
16. To Hell With Culture
17. The Boy and the World
18. Is the Man Who is Tall Happy?
19. Point and Shoot
20. Timbuktu

The following extra screenings have been announced, with more to come soon:

Tuesday 18 November
6.00pm, Albert Room – Poverty Inc

Thursday 20 November
15:00, Vue in The Light – What We Do in the Shadows
19:00, Vue in The Light – The Possibilities are Endless (Please note that Edywn Collins will not attend this performance)
21:00, Vue in The Light – What We Do in the Shadows

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