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Leeds International Film Festival Submissions

Short Film City launches Arctic Minutes

Filmmakers and Arctic lovers worldwide, make your creative film about the Arctic in just one minute or less!

Arctic Minutes is a unique short film competition for 2015 presented by Short Film City and in partnership with Arctic Encounters, a groundbreaking university research project investigating the increasingly important role of tourism in the European Arctic.

The Arctic is changing fast, and we want to show how people from around the world imagine and see this fascinating region. Whether you want to make a documentary or horror, shoot with an iPhone or a Canon 5D, use a location in Brazil or Finland, Arctic Minutes is open to anyone from anywhere working in any format.

We hope the constraint of a minute will challenge both new and seasoned filmmakers to think creatively, be efficient with editing, hone narrative ideas and pinpoint what a film is trying to say.

The winning film will be awarded £500, screen at the 29th Leeds International Film Festival and be showcased on the Arctic Encounters website. The winner will be announced in advance of LIFF, with the award presented on the evening of Monday, 9 November.

Submission information and criteria:

  • -Entry is FREE and via Film Freeway¬†All eligible submissions will be considered by the Arctic Minutes selection panel.
  • -The final deadline for submissions is midnight UK time on 11th¬†September 2015.
  • -The total duration of your film must be 60 seconds or less, including credits. If your film is over 60 seconds, it will not be considered.
  • -Your film must address the subject of the Arctic through theme, story, ambience or setting.
  • -Your film need not be made specifically for this competition, meaning that you may submit a film which you have already made.
  • -Your film will only be considered for the Arctic Minutes competition and not for other LIFF short film competitions, which have different criteria and requirements – please see filmfreeway for more information.

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