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Leeds International Film Festival Submissions

Into Dust showcases Leeds young filmmaking talent at LIFF28

Ahead of 2015’s BFI Film Academy Leeds programme, Not For Rental and 28th Leeds International Film Festival present a FREE Premiere screening of the new film Into Dust by talented young Leeds filmmaker Gage Oxley. Gage is a member of MediaFish, the group of young consultants who help to programme the annual Leeds Young Film Festival, and a graduate of the BFI Film Academy Leeds programme. Into Dust showcases the strength of young filmmaking talent in the region.

In a dystopian future, the world is split into two: The Poor and The Rich. They are ruled by the oppressive and secretive ‘Sector’ who have a law to send people’s worst fears to their houses to torture and slaughter them if they have committed a crime. These executions are plastered over television programmes and films, however, the media-hungry society see this only as fiction. A group intent on watching The Sector crumble begin to make their move.

Tuesday 18 November at 12.00pm @ Hyde Park Picture House. Tickets are available on the door.

Applications are open until 20 November for young people age 16-19 to enrol for BFI Film Academy Leeds. Delivered by Beta Filmworks and Reel Solutions, it aims to help train and inspire the next generation of British filmmakers, supporting talented and committed young people aged 16-19 to develop the commercial and cultural knowledge and skills to help make a career in film a reality. The BFI Film Academy offers training for every film industry role, from writing and directing through to production, sound design, editing and camera, and provides learning around film history and cinematic storytelling to inspire an appreciation of film culture in the round.



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