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Leeds International Film Festival Submissions

Silver Screen Classics at Leeds Town Hall

Following the huge excitement of LIFF27’s special preview of Gravity in 3D opening the festival with two sold out screenings, we’re hosting a selection of silver screen classics especially chosen to be shown in the magnificent surroundings of Leeds Town Hall’s Victoria Hall. They include Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, Jaws, the Director’s Cut of The Exorcist and a 25th Anniversary Screening of Manga classic Akira screening from a new digital print. Please click on the films titles for tickets.

2001: A Space Odyssey
Dir. Stanley Kubrick, UK / USA, 1968, 160 min

You haven’t really seen 2001: A Space Odyssey until you’ve seen it on the big screen, and the experience is unique in the stunning setting of Leeds Town Hall, as the film returns to the venue for another screening this year due to huge demand. Kubrick’s visionary sci-fi classic is repeatedly voted into top 10 movies of all time lists: it’s a brilliantly imaginative adaptation of Arthur C Clarke’s mind-bending novel, an episodic spectacle featuring balletic sequences of cine choreography, awesome futurist design, suspenseful action, trippy psychedelia, and a magnificent soundtrack.

Sat 9 Nov, 14:00

Dir. Steven Spielberg, USA, 1975, 124 min

We’re gonna need a bigger screen! The setting of Leeds Town Hall is one of the few venues that can really do justice to one of the biggest Hollywood movies of all time. Jaws is arguably the most significant Hollywood movie ever made, helping to usher in a new breed of filmmakers and styles. Amazing performances from Scheider, Dreyfuss and Shaw, a truly iconic score, some of the best set piece direction you’ll ever see and of course that shark all work together to create an unforgettable moment in movie history.

Fri 15 Nov, 18:00

The Exorcist – Director’s Cut
Dir. William Friedkin, USA, 1973, 122 min

It’s hard to imagine any of today’s CGI-heavy horror films still having the ability to shock and unsettle audiences 40 years on and yet that is one of the triumphs of William Friedkin’s masterpiece. Arguably the greatest horror film ever made it’s a harrowing account of a modern world ripped apart by an obscene, ancient evil made even more shocking by placing an innocent child at the heart of the story. To really appreciate the impact of the film, it needs to be seen with an audience and with a new digital cinema print Leeds Town Hall is the perfect place to experience it.

Fri 15 Nov, 20:30

Akira – 25th Anniversary Screening
Dir. Katsuhiro Otomo, Japan, 1988, 124 min, ST

A special 25th anniversary presentation in the unique setting of Leeds Town Hall for one of the greatest anime feature films ever made, screening in a new digital print. Neo-Tokyo, 2019, and the city is being rebuilt after World War III. Kaneda and Tetsuo, two high school drop-outs, are members of a joy-riding motorcycle gang. They stumble upon a secret government project to develop telekinetic humans, apparently for use as weapons. Tetsuo learns of the existence of his ‘peer’ Akira, the project’s most powerful subject, and sets out to challenge him.

Sun 17 Nov, 19:30

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