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Leeds Young Film Festival presents Antboy

Leeds International Film Festival’s sister festival Leeds Young Film Festival takes place from 31 March – 11 April 2014. It’s active year round with Mediafish, a cooperative of young people aged 14-19 who are passionate about film and everything to do with it, and help to programme the festival. Tomorrow at 11.30 am, Leeds Young Film presents Antboy at Hyde Park Picture House. Click here for tickets.

A delightful spoof-adventure based on the popular Danish children’s books by Kenneth Bøgh Andersen, Antboy has enough action, comedy, and charm to entertain superhero fans of all ages. A shy twelve-year-old becomes a superhero after being bitten by a very special ant and develops unimaginable superpowers. With help from his friend, comic book nerd Wilhelm, Pelle creates a secret identity as the superhero Antboy, and becomes a local crimefighter. When a supervillain, The Flea, enters the scene, Antboy must step up to the challenge.

Sun 17 Nov, 11:30 @ Hyde Park Picture House

A Danish family comedy about a boy who becomes an ant superhero. Recommeded U – screened at Toronto Film Festival.

Tickets for under-16s at the Hyde Park Picture House screenings are only £1.

You can find Leeds Young Film Festival on Facebook and Twitter.

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