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Leeds International Film Festival Submissions

LIFF26 Audience Award for Best Film + Short Film City

We’re counting the votes for the LIFF26 Audience Award for Best Film and are pleased to announce the top 20 films so far. The programme has been incredibly well received with films in our Official Selection, Cinema Versa, Fanomenon and Retrospectives sections in strong competition with one another’s high ratings.  

1. Ernest and Celestine
2. Five Broken Cameras
3. Sightseers
4.  Argo
5. Robot & Frank
6. Seven Psychopaths
7. War Witch
8. No
9. In the House
10. Beauty is Embarrassing
11. Charles Bradley: Soul of America
12. Before Dawn
13. Quartet
14. Winter Nomads
15. Grandma Lo-Fi
16. John Dies at the End
17. 1/2 Revolution
18. Rust and Bone
19. We Are The Night
20. Unchosen Presents Ghosts

Short Film City selections now have individual film entries online at www.leedsfilm.com. Please visit the Short Film City programme pages to find them listed. Our programme of short films launches tomorrow at Hyde Park Picture House at 4.00pm with British Short Film Panorama, which features BAFTA award winner Pitch Black Heist, starring Michael Fassbender.

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