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Leeds International Film Festival Submissions

LIFF26 Audience Award for Best Film winner announced

The LIFF26 Audience Award count is complete: after receiving a record 14,196 for 140+ feature films, we can announce that The Hunt wins! The 26th Leeds International Film Festival ends today after 18 days packed with 270 screenings and events, and an audience of 35,000. The Hunt was voted by Leeds 2012 audiences as overall favourite from 140 feature films, and a record 14,196 completed votes were cast. The two feature films that were closest in the voting to The Hunt are both animations, Ernest and Celestine from Belgium and Wolf Children from Japan. The Hunt is released in the UK by Arrow Films on 30th November.

1. The Hunt
2. In Search of Blind Joe Death
3. Ernest and Celestine
4. Wolf Children
5. War Witch
6. Morgan Spurlock’s Comic Con
7. Five Broken Cameras
8. Robot & Frank
9. Argo
10. Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet
11. In My Mother’s Arms
12. Amour
13. This Band is so Gorgeous
14. Seven Psychopaths
15. Laurence Anyways
16. When the Lights Went Out
17. Yadig? Presents Seven Signs
18. José and Pilar
19. Back to the Square
20. Berserk: The Golden Age 2

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