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Leeds International Film Festival Submissions

LIFF30 Short Film City winners announced

Here is the complete list of short film competition winners and runners-up in LIFF30’s Short Film City and Fanomenon sections.

Short Film City Competitions

Louis le Prince International Short Film Competition 2016
Jury: Aleks Dimitrijevic, Niclas Gillberg, Eva Weber

Winner: The Silence (Farnoosh Samadi & Ali Asgar, France, Italy)
“We were struck by this beautifully acted and delicate portrayal of a young girl’s struggle to come to terms with her mother’s illness. We loved the understated visual beauty of the film and thought that it captured one of the most pressing issues of today in a very human and subtle way.”

World Animation Award 2016
Jury: Maros Brojo, David Bunting, Sarah Cox

Winner: The Bald Future (Paul Cabon, France)
“A perfectly realised humourous film that takes the audience on a ridiculous and inventive journey through the thoughts of an anxiety ridden young man. We loved the inventive visualisation, economic storytelling and relatable characters.”

Special Mention: Eternal Hunting Grounds (Elin Grimstad, Estonia, Norway)
“A completely unique and captivating film that created  a beautiful and macabre atmosphere. We liked how it explored how children might perceive and engage with ideas beyond the grave.”

Special Mention: Kaputt (Volker Schlecht, Alexander Lahl, Germany)
“We loved the stark visualisation of this important story. Well edited narration communicates a respect for the women that endured this era. The harshness of the graphic style and limited palette created a powerful emotional impact.”


British Short Film Competition 2016
Jury: Marie-Anne Campos, Wendy Cook, Terry Wragg

Winner: Jacked (Rene Pannevis, UK)
“In a field of strong films that each brought something special to the programme Jacked stood out as being a short that brought together all the key elements in a really skilled way. The key performances were really strong, the cinematography was excellent and the story was powerful and poignant. While audience members may have yearned for a different ending the filmmakers were brave in finishing the film in a way that was right and true to the characters and the film was all the better for it.”

Special Mention: Mr Madila (Rory Waudby-Tolley, UK)
“Entertaining and beautiful, Mr. Madhila was a faultless film that left members of the jury pondering the varied nature of faith.”


Yorkshire Short Film Competition 2016
Jury: As above for British Short Film Competition

Winner: Blue Grey (Zoe Kinross, UK)
“Blue Grey stood out for the sheer ambition of the project, bringing to a public audience a topic that is too rarely managed and carried privately by individuals and their loved ones. The filmmaking was simultaneously elegant, intimate and brave.”

Special Mention: Manners Boxing (Gareth Bowler, UK)
“Manners Boxing was a perfect documentary short. In four brief minutes the filmmakers managed to capture something of the character of their central subjects in a way that couldn’t help but make the audience love them. A real joy to watch!”


Leeds International Screendance Competition 2016
Jury: Martine Dekker, Marisa C. Hayes, Anna Macdonald

Winner: Diving Into Your Absence (Concha Vidal, Spain)
“The judges felt that ‘Diving into your absence’ showed an elegant combination of rich, provocative imagery and economical design. Just as the movement in the film evokes ideas of things un-forming as you reach out to grasp them so the concept of the work remains mobile, moving and elusive. The work draws us into the relationship between the surfaces of the site and the skin of the dancer through its close photography and intense use of diegetic sound. The dancer moves in restless circles always at the point of becoming submerged until the final image, which offers us a shift, an exit and a potential point of emergence.”

Special Mention: Samba #2 (Rosane Chamecki, Andrea Lerner, Brazil)
“Samba #2 as a thought-provoking micro-choreography that reimagines the dancing body emblematic of Brazil’s carnival as a grotesque morphed body, that leads us to question the glamourised and fetishised appearance of that country’s most famous holiday.”


Leeds International Music Video Competition 2016
Jury: Yvonne Carmichael, Tony Morley, Sarah Statham

Winner: Elliot Moss- Pattern Repeating (HochR, Norway)
“Of all the videos in this selection, HochR’s video for ‘Pattern Repeating’ is the most coherent, maintaining and enhancing the creepy mood of the song throughout. The sense of foreboding and isolation is palpable, and the judicious choice of props and locations is both amusing and unsettling. Stylish and captivating, the clip makes a lasting impression that repays repeated viewing.”

Special Mention: Jon Kenzie – Can You Decide (Lu Pulici, Italy)
“The ambitious use of puppetry in this video is a visual delight. The meticulous execution of handmade craft within a melancholy narrative conjures an exquisite world, full of disarming detail. An impressive achievement.”

Special Mention: Beardyman — Mountainside (Lewis Rose, UK)
“Well scripted, playfully edited and genuinely funny, Lewis Rose’s film draws you into an all-too-identifiable world, throwing in some fresh twists along the way.”


Leeds Short Film Audience Award 2016
For films under ten minutes in length, voted for by the audience
Winner: Spring Jam (Ned Wenlock, New Zealand)


Fanomenon Competitions

Dark Owls International Fantasy Short Film Competition 2016
Jury: Dominic Brunt, Rob Nevitt, Simon Rumley
Winner: The Frozen Eye (Karim Ouelhaj, Belgium, 2016, 28 min)
“We voted for The Frozen Eye because it has a compelling story which pushes its protagonist through various challenging situations giving him an impressively large character arc for a short film, all of which provides the director with a myriad of opportunities to change the visual and emotional context of the film an impressive amount of times in an assured, entertaining and disturbing fashion.”

Special Mentions: The Man Who Caught a Mermaid (Kaitlin Tinker, Australia, 2015)


Dead Shorts Winner 2016
Winner: Death Metal (Chris McInroy, USA, 2016, 5 min)
Special Mentions: Claycat’s Doom (Lee Hardcastle, UK, 2016, 3 min)

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