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Leeds International Film Festival Submissions

Louis le Prince International Short Film Competition + World Animation Award Winners

A huge thank you to the brilliant LIFF26 International Short Film Jury who reached their decisions in the early hours of this morning. The Jury is: Jacqueline Chell (leader of the British Federation of Film Societies ops team), Mike McKenny (manager of Plaza Cinema in Bradford), Wannes Destroop (winner of Jury Prize for Best Short Film at Cannes Film Festival in 2011), Erik Roselund (animation and live action short film maker) and Marlena Lukasiak (Film Festival at the Polish Cultural Institute and artistic director of Kinoteka Polish Film Festival). The winner of the Louis le Prince International Short Film Competition 2012 is My Sweetheart (Dir. Daniel Metge, France). Jury Special Mentions for the Louis le Prince Competition go to Frozen Stories (Dir. Grzegorz Jaroszuk, Poland) and The Return (Dir. Blerta Zeqiri, Kosovo). The winner of the World Animation Award 2012 is The Pub (Dir. Joseph Pierce, UK), with Special Mention to Body Memory (Dir. Ülo Pikkov, Estonia).


Mon Amoureux (My Sweetheart)
The jury was blown away by the emotional force of this subtle but impactful film. With skilled and beautifully observed performances that enhance a stunning, perfectly paced script, Mon Amoureux stood out as a deeply personal story – but one of social value that is too rarely told and shared with audiences.

The Return (Kthimi)
Whilst stylistically very impressive, it was the powerful story paired with Adriana Matoshi’s breathtaking performance that the jury found worthy of mention in The Return. Though familiar at first, the audience’s expectations are quickly subverted in this moving and unusual look at a family reunited after the horrors of war.

Frozen Stories
Frozen Stories stood out to the jury by engaging us with characters that are lovably absurd, yet emotionally familiar, whilst managing to remain believable by embodying exaggerated versions of genuine human traits. The characters’ deadpan delivery captures the disengagement that this younger generation is accused of, but by embracing it and making it their own they conjure a thoroughly sweet and touching relationship.


The Pub 
The jury was unanimous in its praise of this film. The Pub manages to seamlessly combine form and narrative, making excellent use of very distinctive rotascope animation – accentuating and exacerbating the character traits of the many familiar faces of ‘the pub’. Capturing a sincere and earnest slice of life, the film manages to be grotesque and beautiful, repulsive yet captivating – all the while being completely recognisable and grounded in reality.

Body Memory
Body Memory is a stunning animation, which the jury found to convey genuine peril and anxiety, whilst also impressing with its perfectly realised and highly skilled animation techniques.  Whilst the jury had many interpretations of its meaning, they found that Body Memory left an impression that was hard to shake.

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