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Leeds International Film Festival Submissions

Short Film Competition Winners Announced

We are proud to announce the winners of our Short Film City Competitions. The winners and special mentions (including Jury Statements) are below:

World Animation Award

Winner – Angry Man

Jury statement: The animation style is perfectly fitting as the manifestation of a child’s attempts to compartmentalise the very serious issue of domestic abuse, reappropriating the harsh realities of social services intervention within a world that he can understand: a world of kings and palaces. This is a tremendously emotive tale.

Special Mentions – Red-end and the Seemingly Symbiotic Society

This deserves a special mention for its ability to create such an epic tale of evolution, nature, new beginnings and complete cycles. What made its focus even more poignant was the way it conveys the new utopian beginnings as more than a complete cycle; that it will have retained some influence from previous cultures; hence, the significance of the red end.

Love Potato

It was the characters of Love Potato that garnered it a special mention. They are engaging; they welcome you in, yet are mysterious enough to keep you wanting to get further in and find out more.

International Short Film Competition

Winner – Deeper Than Yesterday

Jury statement: Everything about this production was masterfully executed. To trap in the sense of claustrophobia and hyper-masculine induced knife-edge tension, not only in the performances but even more compellingly in the mise-en-scéne and cinematography was a fitting way to tell this story of a man’s fight to retain his humanity.

Special Mention – Vilay

Vilay deserves a special mention for the visuals and the cinematography that make it an absolute pleasure to experience. This visceral and abstract method of storytelling conveyed both a personal story and commented on a whole national identity in a spellbinding and concise manner.

Yorkshire Short Film Competition

Winner – The Astronomer’s Sun

Jury statement:There is such weight and therefore capacity for emotion in the beautifully crafted stop motion animation, but it is the universal film techniques supporting this that make it such a joy to watch; the lighting, the sound and the camerawork are masterfully synchronised in tone, emphasising the sacrifice and loss at the heart of this story.

Special Mention – Outside

Outside earned a special mention through its ability to create a world. The stillness of the camera, the expansive shots, the selection of settings, the pacing and the performances all built up a feeling of solace that situated the film firmly in an alternative space: a seemingly post apocalyptic world.

Best of British Short Film Competition

Winner – The Birdman of Tamworth

Jury statement: The content was engaging and genuine, but was also supported to great effect by filmmaking and storytelling techniques. What completed the decision was the hint of self reflection that took it away from the dangerous documentary ground of seeming too authoritative and undisputable.

Special Mention – Tad’s Nest

The dreamlike imagination of the film has earned it a special mention. It meant something different to every jury member and spoke to each of us in a different way, whilst being as powerful and enchanting in every instance.

The Jury Members:

Loles Barrio, Director and Producer of documentary short films

Mike McKenny, Contributor/film festival reporter for Film&Festivals magazine

Yan Szczesnowicz, Head of Media & Film production at Leeds City College

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