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Leeds International Film Festival Submissions

LIFF29 Short Film City winners announced

Here is the complete list of short film competition winners and runners-up in LIFF29’s Short Film City and Fanomenon sections. You can see all the winners of the Short Film City competitions, plus the audience favourite Madam Black, at a special screening at the Hyde Park Picture House on Sunday 6th December at 3.45pm (approx. running time 85 minutes, Certificate 15): tickets available here.

Short Film City Competitions

Louis le Prince International Short Film Competition 2015

Jury: Muriel d’Ansembourg, Jasper Sharp and Harriet Warman

Winner: Drama (Guan Tian, USA)
Special Mention: The Jacket (Patrick Vollrath, Austria)

World Animation Award 2015

Jury: Sam Groves, Ainslie Henderson and Sonja Rohleder

Winner: Manoman (Simon Cartwright, UK)
Special Mentions:
A Very Lonely Rooster (Leonid Shmelko, Russia) + Sunday Lunch (Céline Devaux, France)

British Short Film Competition 2015

Jury: Jane Linfoot, Sam Meech and Liz Rymer

Winner: Rate Me (Fyzal Boulifa, UK)
Special Mentions: Camrex (Mark Chapman, UK) + SAMUEL-613 (Billy Lumby, UK)

Yorkshire Short Film Competition

Jury: As above for British Short Film Competition

Winner: Cargo (Oli Carr, UK)
Special Mention: Twine (Richard Heap, UK)

Leeds International Screendance Competition 2015

Jury: Liz Aggiss, Leonel Brum and Marisa Hayes

Winner: Choreography for the Scanner (Mariam Eqbal, USA)
Special Mentions: Approaching the Puddle (Sebastian Gimmel, Germany) + Yasushi Shoji (Kenichi Sasaki, Japan)

Leeds International Music Video Competition 2015

Jury: Andy Gray, Phil Leigh and Hayley Scott

Winner: Lightning Bolt – The Metal East (Lale Westvind, USA)
Special Mentions: Oliver Max Mason – Horizon (Michael Suttill, UK) + Dick Zved – Waveform (Stefan Nadelman, USA)

Leeds Short Film Audience Award 2015

For films under ten minutes in length, voted for by the audience

Winner: The Reinvention of Normal (Liam Saint-Pierre,UK)
Special Mentions: Afternoon Class (Seoro Oh, South Korea) + Otherwise Engaged (Alicia MacDonald, UK)

Fanomenon Competitions

Dark Owl International Fantasy Short Film Competition

Winner: A Boy’s Life (Howard McCain, USA)
Special Mentions: Reunion (Iddo Soskolne, Finland) + Loose Ends (Stéphanie Everaert, Belgium)

Dead Shorts

Winner: Milk! (Ben Malleby, UK)
Special Mentions: The Herd (Melanie Light, UK) + Surgery (The Clemens Bros., UK)

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