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Peter Sellers: The Lost Shorts

dearth-of-a-salesman-1957-001-dimwittie-with-mirrorHyde Park Picture House. Sunday 14th June. 6pm

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A chance to see two long-mislaid films featuring British comic actor Peter Sellers. The two 30-minute pictures were made in 1957, and are completed by a third film; altogether making up the only films finished of an envisioned lengthier set to be known as the ‘Bestsellers Series’.

They were rescued nearly 20 years ago by Robert Farrow, former employee of the films’ producers Park Lane Films. Thinking to use them to store his father’s cine films, Farrow fished the sealed film cans from a skip during a refurbishment, and made the discovery: Insomnia is Good for You and Dearth of a Salesman, unseen since their general release.

The star made the comedy shorts Dearth of a Salesman and Insomnia is Good For You in 1957 as he tried to make his name as a film actor. Sellers was already a radio star thanks to the BBC’s The Goon Show when the films were made, but he had yet to establish himself as a screen actor.

Together the films act as a showcase for Sellers displaying his incredible skills for mimicry and comedy as they poke fun at the newsreel/public information films of the era.

He went on to earn big screen success in films like The Naked Truth, The Pink Panther and Dr Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

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