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The information below confirms that whatever personal information you give us, or is naturally collected by our website, will only be used by us. We will not sell or distribute any of your information to anyone, so your relationship with leedsfilm.com will be entirely spam-free. We respect your privacy, and no-one related to leedsfilm.com will violate it.

Any information collected via leedsfilm.com is entirely confidential and will not be distributed, disclosed or traded with anyone.

leedsfilm.com does not collect personally identifying information about individuals except where it has been knowingly provided by the individual. The only information we have about you is:
Data collected via ticket purchases. The details we see are your name, address and phone number (if given), selected tickets and credit card number.
When you subscribe to our mailing list only the details you give us will be collected.

We will not send you an email unless you have given us permission to do so, for example, when you sign up to the mailing list. When you subscribe to leedsfilm.com you will receive a confirmation email. Full unsubscribe details will be included in every newsletter we send to you.

We sometimes collect ‘anonymous aggregated data’ as opposed to the above mentioned ‘personally identifying information’ for statistical purposes. You will never be named, or have any personal details you have given us revealed, and never will you be referred to as an individual in this data. This information helps us to build better audience profiles that will aid the future marketing and PR strategies of Leeds International Film Festival.

leedsfilm.com may place a “cookie” in the browser file of a visitor to leedsfilm.com. “Cookies” are data which are held in your web browser but they do not in themselves identify who your are or your other personal data  to us. They do allow us to monitor your use of our site.

leedsfilm.com posts advertising and partner banners. If you link to one of these advertisers or partner, it is possible that you may occasionally get cookies from them. leedsfilm.com does not control these cookies and these cookies are not subject to this policy. If you prefer, most browsers allow you to disable cookies, or can be set to alert you when cookies are being sent.

A special note to young people
Please ask your parents or carers for permission before you send any information about yourself to us or anyone else over the internet.

If you have any concerns of queries regarding privacy issues, please contact nick.jones@leeds.gov.uk

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