05/11/17 05/11/17
Left Behind: British Competition 2

The second of our BAFTA Qualifying British Competitions explores dispossessed stories and claustrophobic visuals, which allow insight into the lives…

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10/11/17 12/11/17
Let There Be Light

This visually arresting documentary brings the potentialities of science fiction into the realm of the real.

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03/11/17 03/11/17
Life and How to Live It: International Competition 6

If you have not yet solved the difficulty of living here is a guide through the art of short film. This will prove especially useful when navigating…

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10/11/17 11/11/17
A Life in Waves: Suzanne Ciani

Whether you know it or not, you’ll most likely be familiar with the work of Suzanne Ciani. Her accolades range from ‘pioneering electronic musician’…

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13/11/17 15/11/17
The Line

Slovakia’s entry to the Academy Awards is an entertaining crime thriller hailed as the ‘spiritual cousin to The Sopranos.

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16/11/17 16/11/17
The Lives of Others (35mm)

Set in East Berlin in 1984, Gerd Weisler is an officer with the Stasi and trains students on the art of interrogation and spying.

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