13/11/17 13/11/17
The Nothing Factory

This genre-hopping surprise from Portugal begins in a lift factory where the owners have abandoned the workers.

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08/11/17 10/11/17
Oh Lucy!

Atsuko Hirayanagi’s hilarious and poignant debut feature, follows the life of shy, middle aged Setsuko.

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08/11/17 09/11/17
Orphée (35mm)

Dreamlike, poetic and endlessly inventive, Orphée rightly stands as Cocteau’s most widely celebrated work of cinema.

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07/11/17 07/11/17
The Party and the Guests (35mm) & Mother and Son

Banned for many years in its native Czechoslovakia, Jan Němec’s The Party and the Guests is a darkly comic and surreal satire of authoritarianism and…

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05/11/17 08/11/17
Perfect Blue

Satoshi Kon’s acclaimed anime is screening in its 20th anniversary year.

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12/11/17 14/11/17
A Prayer Before Dawn

A Prayer Before Dawn is the true story of a troubled young British boxer (played by Joe Cole from Green Room), who is sent to one of Thailand’s most…

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