Alongside Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (also screening in LIFF 2017), Takashi Miike delivers another stunning manga adaptation, this time bringing the epic fantasy Samurai story Blade of the Immortal to the big screen in his 100th feature film. Manji is a highly skilled warrior who is cursed with immortality following a legendary battle. Haunted by the murder of his little sister, Manji fights evil wherever he finds it, in order to regain his soul. When he meets Rin, a girl whose parents were slaughtered by a group of master swordsmen, he promises to avenge their deaths and together they set off on a quest for revenge.

The screening of Blade of the Immortal on 12th November is also part of Manga Movie Marathon and a pass for the event is available for £27/£22 or for FREE with a LIFF 2017 Pass or see 6 films for the price of 5 (this offer is available over the phone or in person only) - full details here.

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