Set in the the South Wales village of Lower Cwmtwrch during a spectacularly awful New Year’s Eve party, hosted by local-boy-turned-cheesy London DJ Steve Dennis, Canaries explores how ordinary people living in a rural community would deal with a catastrophic intergalactic invasion. Steve and his motley crew of drunken guests find themselves under attack from a band of malevolent aliens who create doppelgangers of previously abducted humans; in this case, fishermen wearing bright yellow rain coats. Add a shady American surveillance operation to the mix and it’s not looking good for our Welsh heroes.

LIFF 2017 welcomes producer Craig Russell and lead actor Peter Stray for a Q&A on Saturday 11 November, 8.30pm. 

Ticket offers: the LIFF 2017 Pass is incredible value or see 6 films for the price of 5 (available by phone or in person only) - details here.

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