Rob Kemp: The Elvis Dead arrives fresh from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a live one-man show destined to be a cult classic. You know how Bruce Campbell once played Elvis in Bubba Ho-Tep? Well now it’s Elvis’ turn to return the favour as he sings and performs to clips from the classic comedy horror film Evil Dead 2! Dressed in a sequinned jumpsuit Rob channels The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll as he reinterprets the main plot points of the film as they unfold on screen behind him while singing altered versions of Elvis classics and throwing himself around the stage, (cardboard) chainsaw in hand.

Ticket offers: the LIFF 2017 Pass is incredible value or see 6 films for the price of 5 (available by phone or in person only) - details here.

The Elvis Dead

"The Elvis Dead has proved an instant Fringe cult classic all of its own."
The List, Edinburgh Fringe Review, 08/17

"It’s a mind-bending, very funny and extraordinary performance - and you never stop laughing at the crazy juxtaposition of it all."
Beyond The Joke, Edinburgh Fringe Review, 08/17

"The Fringe has a new king...everything you *need* from the late night Fringe"
The Skinny, Edinburgh Fringe Review, 08/17

"When he straps on a chainsaw, there are screams of joy."
The Sunday Times, Edinburgh Fringe Review, 08/17

"Many think they can do an Elvis impersonation but Kemp really can, belting out the tunes that oh so familiar baritone."
Fest Magazine, Edinburgh Fringe Review, 08/17

"It’s a blood-splattered story that features decapitations, demonic possessions and a man sawing off his own hand… and it could be the feelgood hit of the summer."
Chortle, Edinburgh Fringe Review, 08/17

"This is the archetypal outsider hit: unlikely, made on a shoestring with love, and weirdly inspired."
The Guardian, Edinburgh Fringe Review, 08/17

"...a thunderous reception, an ecstatic crowd and two standing ovations"
Roland Crick, Leicester Comedy Festival Review, 02/17

"Sure-fire hit. Without doubt the best show I've seen in ages."
Bob Slayer, Leicester Comedy Festival Review, 02/17​

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Another sign of how great "Elvis Dead" was; we all queued up for photos afterwards. I heartily recommend it.