This wry, slow-burn Eastern ‘Western’ sees a crew of German construction workers roll into a remote Bulgarian village to begin work. They are under the command of chauvinistic foreman Vincent, who treats his Balkan clients as backward idiots. But Vincent’s primary headache is resolute, decent Meinhard, who wastes little time in befriending his new neighbours and embarrassing his blustering boss. Those who enjoyed Toni Erdmann’s take on European working life will love this. It’s a clear, crisp tale of everyday heroics, with Meinhard’s flinty stare recalling the best of Eastwood, Wayne or Cooper.

Western is screening as part of our programme celebrating the 2017 LUX Prize presented by the European Parliament. Sami Blood is one of three European films shortlisted for this year's LUX Prize and the winner will be announced in Strasbourg on 14th November. Another nominated film Sami Blood is also screening as part of LIFF 2017.

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