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Yorkshire Day Shorts

Hunting_for_Hockney_by_Alice_Dunsheath_August 1st 11am-7pm The Hyde Park Picture House. Free Screening

On Yorkshire Day the Hyde Park Picture House is hosting a day long bonanza celebrating Yorkshire’s long history of film making and watching.  We’ve teamed up with the cinema to bring you a fabulous selection of Yorkshire Short Films from the Leeds International Film Festival back catalogue. We’ll also be screening the best short films made by young people for Leeds Young Film Festival.

There are no tickets required for any of the screenings or activities, so just turn up on and day and enjoy all the wonderful films, food and artwork Yorkshire has to offer!

11.30am – Best of the Fest: Winning shorts from Leeds Young Film Festival

3.30pm – Yorkshire Short Films from the Leeds International Film Festival Back Catalogue

See the Full Programme for more of the day’s free activities and film screenings.

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