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12/11/22 14/11/22

Capturing the spirit of youth, Lula Ali Ismaïl’s vibrant debut feature follows three friends growing up in Djibouti. Coming from different…

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13/11/21 16/11/21
Zahorí + Director Q&A

The remarkable first feature by Marí Alessandrini, Zahorí is a moving story of teenage rebellion and self-discovery set amidst the beautiful and…

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06/04/23 06/04/23

After escaping the clutches of a slave trader, Zarafa befriends a young giraffe and a kind Bedouin, who takes them on a splendid journey via a hot-air…

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15/11/19 20/11/19
Zizotek + Nimic

Zizotek is a subtly captivating and original drama by Greek director Vardis Marinakis, shapeshifting from oddball family drama to wilderness thriller…

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09/11/22 09/11/22

Nazlı Elif Durlu’s striking black comedy follows Zuhal, a successful lawyer in İstanbul, who begins to hear the sound of a cat meowing in her…

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