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13/11/20 19/11/20
Asylum: Night-in of the Dead

With A Silent Voice, Naoko Yamada unveiled her unique talent for observing the intimate dramas of adolescence through the strokes of anime for the…

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04/11/21 09/11/21

Set in 1980s Argentina in the midst of a military dictatorship, this subtle and suspenseful thriller sees Swiss private banker Yvan De Wiel travel…

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Death is Not the End: International Competition 3

Cities on fire, storm clouds gather round, heavy rains descend – is death the end? This programme offers an alternative to closure; grief is tackled…

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08/11/17 09/11/17
The Headless Woman

Driving alone along an almost-deserted dirt track, successful career woman Vero feels the sudden bump of something under her car’s wheels. What has…

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01/11/18 01/11/18
International Competition 1: Against Nature

Even if we are at one with the natural world, is the natural world at one with us? Nature, therefore, sets us a challenge. These films exemplify…

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05/11/21 09/11/21

Director Hugo Santiago co-wrote Invasión with two giants of Argentine literature, Adolfo Bioy Casares and Jorge Luis Borges. Originally thought lost…

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