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03/11/20 19/11/20
Anne at 13,000 ft

Featuring a magnetic central performance from Deragh Campbell, Anne at 13,000 ft is a mesmerising, fast paced indie drama tracking one young woman’s…

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22/02/23 22/02/23
Bangla Surf Girls

Bangla Surf Girls is an immersive documentary that takes us into the heart of Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh, where young girls join a local surf club and…

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Before I Change My Mind

What would you do, to fit in? The long-awaited debut feature from Edmonton-born filmmaker Trevor Anderson asks this question, taking viewers back to…

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09/04/22 09/04/22
The Breadwinner

This moving animation is set in dusty Kabul, where imagination thrives in the stress of conflict. Parvana is a dutiful 11-year-old girl whose skills…

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05/11/22 05/11/22
Can We Say This Out Loud? - International Documentary Short Film Programme

In this striking selection of short documentaries, wide-ranging concerns find different expressions: from a whisper to a song, a scream to a prayer.…

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12/11/22 12/11/22
Daughters of Darkness + Harry Kümel Q&A (LIFF X Queer Fear)

Returning once again to LIFF is Queer Fear, which aims to chart queer communities’ lasting association with the horror genre. Screening in a 4K…

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