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12/04/22 12/04/22
The Ape Star

Jonna has lived at the Renfanan children’s home her whole life. She’s always dreamed of having a mother. One day a gorilla pops round in a banged-up…

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11/11/22 14/11/22
Baby Pyramid

Cecilie McNair, previous recipient of a Young Directors Award for best student short film at Cannes, presents her haunting feature debut, a…

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10/11/22 15/11/22
The Blue Caftan

Returning with her second feature - following its FIPRESCI prize–winning premiere at Cannes- writer and director Maryam Touzani (LIFF 2019’s Adam)…

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15/04/22 15/04/22
Buster's World

Buster is 11 years old and incredibly optimistic. If the going gets tough, he knows that a little bit of magic and a whole lot of love will rescue any…

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05/11/21 06/11/21

Flee is one of the film highlights of the year, a documentary which innovatively blends animation and archive footage to tell an extraordinary and…

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11/11/22 16/11/22

Being too pious can land us in all sorts of trouble. In the late 1800s, a Lutheran priest travelled from Denmark to remote coastal Iceland to…

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