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03/11/20 19/11/20
Film Africa 2020 Baobab Award 2

The second programme of five short films nominated for this year’s Film Africa Baobab Award includes Egyptian drama Henet Ward about Halima, a…

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02/11/18 02/11/18
International Competition 3: I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself

Youth in all its painful glory: the indecision, the rivalries, the immense promise of a better future. Six portraits of young artists and delinquents…

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12/11/22 12/11/22
Leeds International Short Film Competition - Programme 3: In The Air Tonight

The intangible is key to our third international short film programme. An invisible border in Vienna assails a family in the middle of the night. Two…

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11/11/21 11/11/21
Leeds International Short Film Competition 2: The Country and the City

Between the country and the city lies a border where past and present, tradition and modernity form an unruly frontier. These six films signify the…

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17/11/21 18/11/21
You Resemble Me

Dina Amer’s vibrant and heart wrenching debut is a dramatic adaptation of the life of ‘France’s first female suicide bomber’. Probing far deeper than…

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