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15/11/21 17/11/21
Faya Dayi

In the hypnotic and hazily dreamlike documentary Faya Dayi, shot in gorgeous, silvery black and white tones, filmmaker Jessica Beshir plunges the…

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14/11/22 16/11/22
Fig Tree

Aalam-Warqe Davidian's semi-autobiographical first feature is a potent glimpse of adolescence amid civil war. 16 year old Jewish Mina, is trying to…

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03/11/20 19/11/20
Film Africa 2020 Baobab Award 1

We are delighted to host for the first time the Film Africa Baobab Award for Best Short Film, organised by the Royal African Society. Established in…

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11/11/22 11/11/22
Films Femmes Afrique Shorts: A Sense of Home

Made by women from across Africa and the diaspora, these powerful short films reflect on what it means to find a sense of belonging and to call a…

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