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Super Furball

One day, Emilia’s pet guinea pig bites her finger, transforming her into a furry superhero. As Super Furball, Emilia finds ways to be more courageous…

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12/04/22 12/04/22
Super Furball 2

To save the world, Super Furball has to save the bees. In order to do that, the heroic guinea pig has to save the biggest bully in school. The sequel…

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11/04/22 11/04/22
Vinski & The Invisibility Powder

Ten-year-old Vinski feels like an outsider and invisible among his age-mates, and even with his single mother Krista. Vinski meets a mysterious…

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03/11/18 05/11/18
The White Reindeer

Shot in the Arctic Circle’s snowy expanses, Erik Blomberg’s The White Reindeer is a marvel of film fantasy from Finland made in 1952.

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15/11/19 20/11/19
World Animation Competition - Programme 3

Bursting with fantastic ideas and imaginative stories, the animation competition is a banquet of outstanding films of all flavours. Our selection of…

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