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18/02/22 20/03/22
Daniel '16

Daniel, a German teenager, is sent to Greece, in a youth detention centre. There, in an abounded village of Evros, near the Turkish borders, faces a…

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Daydream Nation: International Competition 2

The revolution of everyday life in six acts. Daydream Nation maps the unfamiliar on to the familiar and traverses a wild and wonderful world of ghost…

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06/11/17 08/11/17

Irrepressible Djam is a young Greek woman whom we first meet belting out a ‘rebetiko’, a form of defiant, working-class Greek song. Djam has a lyric…

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13/11/21 17/11/21
Do Not Hesitate

A Dutch military convoy on a peacekeeping mission in the Middle East, becomes stranded when their vehicle breaks down in the desert. As they wait for…

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03/11/17 06/11/17

Winner of Best International Feature at the Edinburgh Film Festival and Bulgaria’s submission to the Oscars, Glory is a thought-provoking drama that…

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22/04/23 22/04/23
IN SHORT, Europe: Grow

Grow is a collection of six short narrative films and one docu-drama from France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland.  This programme…

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