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Daydream Nation: International Competition 2

The revolution of everyday life in six acts. Daydream Nation maps the unfamiliar on to the familiar and traverses a wild and wonderful world of ghost…

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13/11/22 13/11/22
Fanomenon Shorts 1: Sci-fi Selection + Theatre

The first of our annual Fanomenon short film programmes is in two parts. In our Sci-Fi selection, a couple grapple with losing each other in a state…

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11/11/22 16/11/22

Being too pious can land us in all sorts of trouble. In the late 1800s, a Lutheran priest travelled from Denmark to remote coastal Iceland to…

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07/11/21 11/11/21

Manimal freakishness is in plain, matter-of-fact sight in Lamb, a dark Scandi tall tale evoked with stark clarity. Maria and Ingvar toil away on their…

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12/11/21 12/11/21
Leeds International Short Film Competition 6: Nights at the Circus

Our final programme is a fiery, feral celebration of chaos, magic, and hidden desires. We follow a nurse in São Paulo who finds solace in a…

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11/11/17 15/11/17

The stunningly bleak Icelandic landscapes are the perfect backdrop for Rift’s themes of loneliness, lost love and betrayal.

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