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02/11/18 02/11/18
International Competition 4: Walkin’ After Midnight

This unmissable selection of short films takes us on a journey through the underworld of human desire and exploits. Darkness breaks across the…

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Leeds International Queer Short Film Competition 2

Leeds Queer Film Festival are a new partnership for LIFF32 and have selected LGBTQ+ short films for this competition. The quality and breadth of films…

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11/11/22 11/11/22
Leeds International Short Film Competition - Programme 1: Catch A Fire

Our first international programme is, quite simply, incandescent: a farmer toils in the scorching Portuguese heat; a Turkish single mother begins to…

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12/11/21 12/11/21
Leeds International Short Film Competition 6: Nights at the Circus

Our final programme is a fiery, feral celebration of chaos, magic, and hidden desires. We follow a nurse in São Paulo who finds solace in a…

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17/08/22 17/08/22
LIFF Presents: Charulata

Satyajit Ray adapts Tagore’s short story of a nineteenth-century, liberal, upper-class family and a complex web of relationships and emotions.…

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10/08/22 10/08/22
LIFF Presents: The Big City

Hailed as one of Satyajit Ray’s greatest films, The Big City is set in 1960s Calcutta, where gender roles, economic and social values are rapidly…

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