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09/11/22 09/11/22
Better Mus' Come + Fever Dream

Jamaica’s long-brewing political conflict between left- and right- wing factions boiled over into violence around the 1976 election. Better Mus Come…

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05/11/22 07/11/22
The Harder They Come + Introduction from Justine Henzell

Perry Henzell's daughter Justine has recorded a special introduction to celebrate the film's 50th anniversary. As well as being a golden time for…

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06/11/22 10/11/22
Rockers + Sink or Swim

Rockers is a deep delight for anyone keen to explore Jamaican culture. ‘Horsemouth’ is a man trying to feed his family, buying a motorbike to…

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11/11/22 11/11/22
Studio 17: The Lost Reggae Tapes

As glimpsed in both The Harder They Come and Rockers, Kingston’s Studio 17 was the beating heart of mento, ska, reggae and dub for decades. Both…

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