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09/11/19 11/11/19
Family Romance, LLC

The great Werner Herzog travels to Japan for his latest film, a subtle reinvention of his unique style of direct documentary filmmaking. His…

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13/11/22 13/11/22
Fanomenon Shorts 1: Sci-fi Selection + Theatre

The first of our annual Fanomenon short film programmes is in two parts. In our Sci-Fi selection, a couple grapple with losing each other in a state…

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12/10/21 14/11/21
Fortune Favours Lady Nikuko

Directed by Ayumu Watanabe, who created the incredible Children of the Sea (LIFF 2019), Fortune Favours Lady Nikuko is an equally wonderful new anime…

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Funeral Parade of Roses

The radical heart of Japan beats loudly in Funeral Parade of Roses, which nimbly combines late-60s queer / transgender / underground Tokyo culture,…

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Funky Forest: The First Contact

Three loser brothers (including a caucasian kid, who doesn’t appear to really know Japanese), are struggling to be popular. But luckily they get a…

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06/11/22 10/11/22
Goodbye, Don Glees!

Teen misfits Roma, Toto, and Drop call themselves the “Don Glees”, an informal name for their backyard adventures. One day, when the trio gets blamed…

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