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03/11/17 07/11/17
69 Minutes of 86 Days

A startling and unique account of migration from the perspective of 3-year-old Lean, as we follow her journey from a refugee camp in Greece to Uppsala…

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05/11/20 05/11/20
About Endlessness

The latest from Swedish master Roy Andersson is a characteristically deadpan series of existential sketches, all shot with painstaking minimalist…

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12/04/22 12/04/22
The Ape Star

Jonna has lived at the Renfanan children’s home her whole life. She’s always dreamed of having a mother. One day a gorilla pops round in a banged-up…

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03/11/20 19/11/20
The Arctic Camels

A documentary about Bor and Bestla, the only camels in the world that live in the Arctic Circle in the far north of Norway, and 9 year-old Torarin and…

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Black Sun: International Short Film Competition 3

Light and darkness combine in these taut and tense tales of pressure and success. An Iranian mother makes a catastrophic error under pressure in a…

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14/11/20 15/11/20
Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond

Young boy Marco is fleeing from the terrible wizard Maga Kahn and his army of ape soldiers, as he’s stolen a magic diamond that can fulfil wishes at…

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