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Green Border - Preview

In Agnieszka Holland's harrowing drama, a Syrian family becomes entangled in political turmoil whilst seeking refuge in Poland. Shot in…

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Night Train

An underrated classic and one of the greatest Polish films of all time, Night Train takes place entirely in a single compartment on a crowded…

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03/11/23 04/11/23
Restore Point

Prague, 2041. Humanity has reached the stage where it can cheat death. Anyone who dies an unnatural death has the right to be brought back to life, as…

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World Animation Competition 1

Animation is a beautiful endeavour, where diverse artistry, craft, passion and unique visions combine, to create a film format that - to our minds -…

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World Animation Competition 2

We present ten more exciting new films from around the world in our second World Animation programme, packed with absorbing dreamscapes, poetic…

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18/11/23 18/11/23
The Zone of Interest

The new film from Jonathan Glazer, director of Sexy Beast and Under the Skin, The Zone of Interest won the Grand Prix at Cannes Film Festival where it…

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