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13/11/22 16/11/22
Everybody Loves Jeanne

Jeanne says she is fine but feels like crap. Her business dream is an embarrassing nightmare, she is broke, and worse still, mum just died, Jeanne…

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14/11/22 17/11/22
The Kegelstatt Trio

The great French director Éric Rohmer wrote a single theatre play called ‘Le Trio en Mi Bémol’. This has been inventively adapted for the screen by…

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11/11/22 11/11/22
Leeds International Short Film Competition - Programme 1: Catch A Fire

Our first international programme is, quite simply, incandescent: a farmer toils in the scorching Portuguese heat; a Turkish single mother begins to…

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Louis le Prince International Short Film Competition 2: Fragments of Family

You see, the trouble with families is…well, that could take us all day. But here’s a snapshot of family issues: maybe your mother is a convict out on…

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13/11/17 13/11/17
The Nothing Factory

This genre-hopping surprise from Portugal begins in a lift factory where the owners have abandoned the workers.

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