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17/11/23 18/11/23
The Coffee Table

Sometimes even the most mundane of objects can be far more horrific than any monster under the bed. Married couple Jesús and Maria find that out the…

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12/11/23 15/11/23
Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell

Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell is a mesmerising spiritual road movie haunted by the beautiful landscapes of rural Vietnam. The film begins in lively,…

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19/11/23 19/11/23
LIFF 2023 Closing Film: Slow

Winner of Best Director at Sundance Film Festival 2023, Marija Kavtaradzė’s second feature is a beautifully tender exploration of sexuality, intimacy…

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Louis le Prince International Short Film Competition 3

Blink and you might miss the unsettling and beguiling moments that shatter the malaise of modern life. Playful and satirical, these short films offer…

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Robot Dreams + arts activity from Thought Bubble

A new friendship will put a song in our hearts. In a New York City populated, wonderfully, by animals, Dog spends evenings alone until a new robot…

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12/11/23 17/11/23

Winner of a Special Jury Prize at Berlinale 2023, this luminous third feature by filmmaker Lois Patiño is rumination on death and reincarnation, and a…

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