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04/11/23 18/11/23
Goodbye Julia

Mona’s life - wealthy, Muslim, cosseted - is very different to Julia’s - poor, Christian, tough. A few years prior to the south of Sudan’s separation,…

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12/11/23 19/11/23
The Hypnosis

André and Vera are a young Swedish entrepreneurial couple who get the chance to pitch their women’s health app at a prestigious weekend gathering for…

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19/11/23 19/11/23
LIFF 2023 Closing Film: Slow

Winner of Best Director at Sundance Film Festival 2023, Marija Kavtaradzė’s second feature is a beautifully tender exploration of sexuality, intimacy…

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10/11/23 13/11/23
The Settlers

1901, on the very southernmost tip of Chile: a pair of brutal soldiers - one a mercenary Texan, the other ‘legitimate’ Scott, are tasked with opening…

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13/11/23 16/11/23
Sweet Dreams

Ena Sendijarević’s second feature is a sharp-eyed satire of European imperialism set in Indonesia during the last years of Dutch colonisation. Jan,…

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