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11/11/17 15/11/17

Whilst driving to Lausanne for a long Alpine getaway, bourgeois Viennese couple Nick and Anna have an accident after they hit a sheep. Following (or…

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04/11/21 09/11/21

Set in 1980s Argentina in the midst of a military dictatorship, this subtle and suspenseful thriller sees Swiss private banker Yvan De Wiel travel…

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12/11/22 12/11/22
De Humani Corporis Fabrica

Pioneering filmmakers Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Verena Paravel, who work at the Harvard Sensory Ethnography Lab and made Leviathan, return with an…

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13/11/22 13/11/22
Fanomenon Shorts 2: Horror Selection

A programme of bloodthirsty stories from around the world, including scenes from an actor’s descent into his serial killer role, a call centre…

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10/11/18 13/11/18
Girls of the Sun

A rousing war movie, Girls of the Sun shines its light on a battalion of female Kurdish soldiers as they attempt to liberate their town from ISIS in…

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29/03/21 30/04/21

Pino suffers from haemophilia and has spent his whole life watching the other children play outside from the safety of his apartment. When one of the…

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