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13/11/20 14/11/20
76 Days

An essential piece of history in the making and a landmark film for a strange and difficult year, 76 Days is fly on the wall reportage from the…

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29/03/21 11/04/21
The 8th

The 8th follows a number of dedicated Irish female activists as they strive to overturn the 8th amendment, banning abortion, that was passed in 1983.

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03/04/21 03/04/21
The 8th Q&A

All three directors of the film will be taking part in a discussion about the film and the issues raised in it on Saturday 3 April at 13:00. A Zoom…

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06/11/20 10/11/20

Assassins is a jaw dropping documentary that would seem far-fetched if it were fiction. CCTV footage appears to reveal conclusive evidence in the…

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BAFTA Presents Thundercats Roar

BAFTA Kids presents Cartoon Network’s new animated series produced by Warner Bros Animation.

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05/11/21 06/11/21
Beijing Spring

At Beijing’s Democracy Wall in 1978, the “Stars”, a group of self-taught artists (including a young Ai Weiwei) challenged propaganda by showing…

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