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03/11/20 19/11/20
Where Were We?: Documentary Shorts

In this year of disruption and isolation, we bring you accounts of unsettled identities, personal discovery and collective action. Colonial legacies…

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17/11/19 21/11/19
The Whistlers

A bent cop, a femme fatale, 30 million Euros and whistling take centre stage in this playful noir thriller from one of the masters of the Romanian New…

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03/11/18 05/11/18
The White Reindeer

Shot in the Arctic Circle’s snowy expanses, Erik Blomberg’s The White Reindeer is a marvel of film fantasy from Finland made in 1952.

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11/10/19 11/10/19
Who's Watching What: A Guide to the Best & Worst Performing Film Genres

What types of movies are the most successful? How likely is an audience to watch your film based on its genre?

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10/11/19 13/11/19
The Wild Goose Lake

In the sprawling central Chinese city of Wuhan, a network of lakes offers dead space amidst the urban chaos. The lakes are ideal places to hide, and…

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06/11/21 06/11/21
The Witness

Known as one of the greatest satires of communism, and presented as part of LIFF 2021’s Kafkaesque Cinema selection, The Witness was banned for over a…

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