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06/11/23 10/11/23
Angel Applicant

Winner of the SXSW 2023 Documentary Feature Award, Ken August Meyer directs this autobiographical portrait of living with an incurable disease which…

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03/11/23 05/11/23
Another Body

Sophie Compton and Reuben Hamlyn’s superbly inventive documentary explores a new ethical problem arising from rapidly escalating technologies. The…

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07/11/23 09/11/23
Break the Game

Narcissa Wright is one of the world’s leading ‘speedrunners’, live streaming her attempts to break the world record for the fastest completion of the…

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10/11/23 15/11/23
From Where We Stand

Filmmaker Lucy Kaye creates intimate portraits of diverse individuals in three Northern English towns, in this insightful and compassionate…

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Holding Up the Sky

The Yanomami of Brazil know that if shamans stop dancing and life in the rainforest loses its balance, the sky will fall and crush everything beneath…

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04/11/23 09/11/23
The Hostage Takers

The Hostage Takers is a searing documentary, deeply moving and troubling in equal measure and as tense and gripping as any thriller. Sean Langan, a…

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