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14/11/23 16/11/23

Kawamura (Japanese acting and singing idol Yuto Nakajima) is a promising young man with a great job and a fiancée whose father owns the company. But…

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17/11/23 18/11/23
All You Need Is Blood

Bucky Le Boeuf is a budding filmmaker who loves arthouse cinema and hates blood. So when a horror film competition comes to town he is understandably…

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04/11/23 08/11/23
The Animal Kingdom

Humans are mutating into beasts, and there is no explanation or cure. We’re hurled headlong into the action as François and teenage son Emile chasing…

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03/11/23 05/11/23

Heavily pregnant Itto, a young woman from a modest rural background, is slowly adapting to the Moroccan privileged codes of her husband’s family. But…

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04/11/23 12/11/23
The Becomers

A genre-bending highlight of this year’s Fanomenon, The Becomers blends sci-fi, horror, road movie, comedy, melodrama and romance in a tale of two…

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The Begotten Cycle

Begotten is a legendary cult film by director E. Elias Merhige that really is unlike any other film in history. The Begotten Cycle collects the 1989…

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