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11/11/22 14/11/22
Baby Pyramid

Cecilie McNair, previous recipient of a Young Directors Award for best student short film at Cannes, presents her haunting feature debut, a…

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13/11/22 16/11/22
Everybody Loves Jeanne

Jeanne says she is fine but feels like crap. Her business dream is an embarrassing nightmare, she is broke, and worse still, mum just died, Jeanne…

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11/11/22 12/11/22
I Have Electric Dreams

Costa Rican director Valentina Maurel’s debut is a vivid and emotionally supercharged family drama with lived in performances by a terrific cast. Eva…

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12/11/22 15/11/22
Love Dog

Bianca Lucas’s haunting narrative debut follows John, a drifter returning to his Mississippi hometown to deal with recent trauma. Originally intended…

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04/11/22 13/11/22

A superbly stylised evocation of life in 1970s Bucharest, Metronom is a quietly affecting love story set against the severe backdrop of authoritarian…

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13/11/22 17/11/22
A Piece of Sky

Michael Koch’s sophomore feature is a moving meditation on the patient nature of enduring love. In a remote Alpine village, Anna, a single mother,…

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